A comfortable and soft armchair will be a perfect complement to any arrangement. If you are looking for unique armchairs, check our offer. At SIBLO you will find armchairs perfect for the living room, bedroom, children’s room and home office. Interesting design and effective finish will give character to your interior.
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Armchairs for the living room, bedroom and children’s room

Armchairs are fashionable and practical pieces of furniture that will be perfect for both the living room and the bedroom. If you put an armchair next to the bed, you will create an intimate relaxation space. It can also be placed at a desk or a dressing table. The armchair is an extremely functional solution for new parents. Placed next to the cradle it will not only nicely complement the decor of a child’s room but also create an additional place for feeding or putting down the baby. The rocking chair will be perfect for this!

SIBLO seats are distinguished by class and style. Modern design gives them lightness and elegance. Velvet materials bring to mind only pleasant emotions. Swivel chairs are available in many colour variants. They combine maximum convenience and functionality. Thanks to the swivel base, you can easily change the position and reach for a hot mug of chocolate without moving from the seat. High backrest and contoured armrest make even long hours of work pleasant.

Create your own luxurious interior

If you want to create a luxurious living room it is worth choosing a good armchair. It will be the perfect complement to a sofa or couch in the living room. Reading lovers will be delighted to immerse themselves in it while reading. Our offer also includes complete lounge sets. Thanks to this solution, you can easily create a unique arrangement. If you like Scandinavian style, choose more massive armchairs and footrests. They will look beautiful in your living room. All you have to do is add a few accessories and a unique arrangement will be created. A great solution is also to choose an armchair in a colour that contrasts with the sofa in the living room.

If you love armchairs and don’t have a lot of space you can simply replace the sofa bed with your favourite furniture. At Siblo.co.uk you can buy retro-styled furniture that does not take up much space. Their class design and rich colours available make the furniture perfect for any living room. The set of armchairs placed in front of the TV set looks dignified and creates a homely atmosphere.

Armchair for a desk- a healthy spine

Desk chairs should above all, be healthy for your posture. At SIBLO we know how to take care of your spine and work comfort. Explore our wide range of ergonomic and stylish home office solutions.

Desk chair perfect for work and studying

When you work from home, you will definitely need a comfortable, ergonomic armchair. If you spend several hours a day working at the computer, the work chair should be adjusted to your spine line. The right seat will not only serve your back, but will also support it. In our SIBLO online store you will find a really wide selection of office armchairs in every price range. It is a basic tool for work and study, so it is worth investing in it. The design amenities of the computer armchairs ensure 100% comfort of use. A correctly fitted piece of furniture will increase the efficiency of your work and improve your well-being.

Our room armchairs are equipped with contoured seats with adjustable height and a specially designed backrest that will support the lumbar spine. A good computer chair should enforce the appropriate posture of the user. The mechanisms that enable the chair to be tilted safely allow you to rest during a break from work. Breathable mesh was used to cover the backrest of our office chairs. This guarantees an adequate air flow.

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