The bedroom is an extremely intimate space in the home. A bed is the key element of regeneration and relaxation. At SIBLO you can choose a bed that will be a stylish finish to your interior and at the same time will take care of your relaxation and deep sleep. Create a bedroom with us from your dreams!
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Wooden beds perfect for any interior

In the SIBLO online store you will find light, simple finishes, but also more massive structures. We have both single and double beds. If you like simplicity and value naturalness, you will certainly be interested in wooden beds. If you want a rustic atmosphere, you choose models made from oak or beech wood. Our beds have been designed in a minimalist style thanks to which they will fit into any arrangement.

Furniture made of solid wood will add warmth to your bedroom and make you feel nice and comfortable in it. Our offer includes a wide range of colours of products from light, natural wood through shades of cherry and cognac ending with a dark climate of wenga and walnut. If you prefer bright rooms or have a small bedroom, choose a white pine tree that will add lightness to your bedroom.

Create a bedroom in an elegant style

Do you value elegance and style? With Siblo you can create a bedroom for both fans of elegant interiors and people who like industrial arrangements.

Upholstered beds for bedrooms have been very fashionable lately. They are not only a sophisticated decoration but also have a huge practical advantage in the form of a headrest. A stylish headrest is a comfortable solution for everyone who loves to read, work or sit in bed. The functional backrest is covered with a velvet fabric with a delicate elegant sheen. The material is soft and pleasant to the touch, and easy to keep clean. The colour range of upholstered bedroom beds matches both bright, fresh rooms and those more sensual dark shades. Thanks to the appropriate height, continental beds not only look dignified but also have a clearly hidden container for bedding. Additionally, users note that getting up from a continental bed is extremely comfortable.

In Siblo you will also find beds with wooden and metal backs. Metal beds mean simplicity with a modern twist. Steel finishes add industrial sensuality, but at the same time are light and delicate. At Siblo you will find modern metal beds in a wide range of colours, we have pink, mint, black, gold and silver models.

Choose a functional design

Beds with drawers are a great solution to save space in the bedroom. Drawers hidden under the bed not only make the furniture look more attractive, but also provide additional storage space for things such as bedding. In Siblo you will find double beds and models with practical additional beds. This solution will be perfect during a long evening sleep or when visiting friends. Check out our offer of children’s beds. In our offer you will find: single beds, double beds, mezzanines and bunk beds.

Buy a bed in a set with a mattress

In our Siblo store you can choose your dream bed with a comfortable mattress designed to your needs. The configurator available on the store's website will suggest the perfect mattress for you. Remember to choose a mattress to match your weight, sleeping style and susceptibility to allergies. More information about which mattress to choose can be found in the mattress tab. With SIBLO you will find all the pieces you need to create a beautiful bedroom!

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