Are you looking for a stylish footrest? Or maybe you need extra seating for guests? Pouffes are mobile furniture that can be adapted to any room! They occupy a relatively small area and provide a comfortable rest. They are perfect for glamour interiors and modern arrangements.
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The history of the pouffe, i.e. a piece of furniture with multiple roles

Pouffes are extremely comfortable pieces of furniture that are not only a fantastic complement to the couch, acting as a footrest, but can also be additional places to sit. Pouffes came to Europe in the late 18th century with the influence of Ottoman culture. The prototype of the pouffe was an ottoman, i.e. a low bench without a back, covered with soft material and decorative pillows with rich tassels and ribbons. The Ottoman was much larger than today's classic stools. Initially, it was used for sitting, and this was also the function of the pouffes, but with time their role was expanded.

In 1956, the American couple Eames used a pouffe as an inseparable addition to the Lounge Chair, i.e. a combination of a comfortable, classic lounge seat with an English, leather club armchair. The project turned out to be a bull's eye! Long Chair & Ottoman is even called the "king of armchairs", and the leather pouffe on movable legs has always remained in modern furniture.

Where to put the pouffe?

In the living room, your new pouffe will be a stylish decorative element, but of very practical value! This soft, small piece of furniture provides elegant, comfortable support for the legs and, above all, takes up little space. For a large living room, however, you can choose a wide pouffe, which, together with an upholstered corner sofa, will add a luxurious atmosphere. Such a piece of furniture will allow you to host even more friends. In addition, you can use it at any time as a table, placing on it a tray with a meal or a laptop. A modern pouffe will also look fashionable in a stylish reception desk in your company. You can match the colour of the upholstery to the sofa or armchair, we recommend fashionable mustard, royal indigo, aristocratic emerald or sensual burgundy. Thanks to the glamour pouffe, your furniture for relaxation will be classier than ever. You can use the pouffe as a showstopper because its original form attracts the eyes of every visitor. The mobility and versatility of this piece of furniture make it easy to move the pouffe anywhere in your home! It will also work well as a seat in the hall, to conveniently put on high heels or take off goloshes. Such a pouffe will certainly be useful as comfortable support. You can also put the furniture next to a baby cot. It will be a comfortable seat during the toddler's evening sleep. The pouffe will fit everywhere and look stylish!

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