A chair is the most basic element of an interior. We cannot imagine a kitchen, dining room or living room without it. It is an integral part of every room. At SIBLO we have a huge collection of chairs. All models have been made with due care, of the highest quality materials. They are stylish and functional.
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Do you know the history of the chair?

A chair is one of the oldest pieces of furniture that accompanies a person. Its story began almost four thousand years ago. The first chairs were made of stone! Over time, this design has been replaced with lighter and more comfortable materials. today fortunately, we can sit on comfortable upholstery and lean on an ergonomic backrest. The chair is perhaps the most representative piece of furniture in human history. It served as a throne on which only rulers could sit. It also has its infamous role in human history, because it was carried out under the death penalty.

From the 16th century, the chair became a standard home furnishing. Different cultures design the seats differently, adapting them to their own needs. For example in the Middle and Far East the chairs were much lower than in Europe. Interestingly, this trend can now be found in modern arrangements. Upholstered chairs with a low backrest and velvet upholstery are becoming more and more in demand. Currently, designers combine modern designs with the style of Louis XVI.

In the SIBLO online store you will find a wide range of furniture that will delight you with its design! You can buy a chair for a large table in the dining room as well as stools for an annex in the kitchen. If you are looking for a chair for a desk, choose the most ergonomic models with a swivel base.

Chairs for the dining room, kitchen and living room

At SIBLO you will find seats for every room. Upholstered Scandinavian-style chairs will be perfect for the kitchen and the living room. It is a perfect proposition for people who value comfortable, soft upholstery and fashionable solutions. Are you looking for a quilted upholstery in a glamour style? In our configurator, you can choose the colour of the wood, as well as the colour and shade of the upholstery. Upholstered chairs, in a more massive New York edition, will be perfect for large wooden tables in the dining or living room.

Armchairs are a good solution for fans of home parties who want their guests to be happy and comfortable. Grey chairs are most often chosen for the dining room due to their practical use. Their modern style will fit into any arrangement, and the neutral colour will mask any potential dirt. White chairs will work best in subtle French-style interiors. Classic wooden chairs are the most universal. Their natural design fits both cozy, modern interiors and industrial arrangements.

Comfort of use is a priority

All chairs in the SIBLO online store are extremely comfortable and durable. High-quality fabrics used in their production protect the furniture against dirt, which is extremely important, especially if you have small children. Properly profiled backrests will make family dinners as comfortable as never before. Furniture from SIBLO will attract the attention of each of the guests. See for yourself by ordering a stylish chair from our website!

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