Open shelves or cabinets are a great way to personalize our furniture. They allow you to get the effect of lightness, and at the same time are extremely practical. They give us convenient access to items placed on them. Shelves will complement the space of any room. At SIBLO you will find the best, fashionable solutions that will work well in the living room, kitchen and teenager's room.
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Functional shelves for the room

Shelves are perfect for small rooms and studios, where the household need additional space to store things. Their price is adequate for the tasks performed and fits into the budget of each owner. On the shelf, you can display books, albums, arrange flowers and photo frames, but also put boxes with accessories or organizers for documents. If you have a small bedroom, you don't have to figure out how to find a place for the bedside table. It is enough to hang a small shelf above the bed, which will allow you to place a bedside lamp for reading a book and a box with women's or men's jewellery. You can mount the shelf above your child's desk, creating space for books and textbooks. Hanging structures should have a high load capacity and be solidly constructed to prevent any accidents in the apartment. SIBLO guarantees that all furniture is properly secured because we use proven technology and boards of adequate thickness. Properly oiled wood and laminated materials keep the structure clean. The interesting design of our shelves makes it not only a hanging board on the wall, but a functional piece of furniture.

Fashionable shelves for the kitchen

Shelves are a simple and inexpensive way to refresh your kitchen arrangement. On the hanging open cupboard, you can arrange jars with spices, which you can always have near the counter when cooking. The space for preparing meals should be as little cluttered as possible to have a place for a vegetable cutting board, a platter with marinated meat, a pot of soup and free plates on which to serve the meal. On a white, delicate shelf you can put herbs such as rosemary or mint, which will complement the Provencal style of your kitchen. In the dining room, on the other hand, a wooden shelf will be a great place to display ready-made preserves, bottles with wine or liqueurs, which will certainly attract the attention of your guests.

Shelves for children's toys

In a child's room, shelves will certainly be useful for organizing toys. Organizing a place for every toddler's thing is a real challenge for a parent. We recommend hanging double shelves or house shelves, which are roomy and can accommodate a lot of toys. You can decorate the shelf of the house with a pretty garland or warm lamps. Thanks to this procedure, your toddler's room will become even cosier, and an interesting piece of furniture will mobilize your offspring to take care of their mess!

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