A comfortable mattress and a solid bed guarantee that you will wake up refreshed and full of energy after a night of sleep. The quality of your sleep depends on a properly selected mattress, one that will adapt to the shape of the body and at the same time will not be too soft. Discover our offer of mattresses that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.
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Why is it worth investing in a good mattress?

Peaceful and deep sleep is the best way to regenerate your body and improve your well-being. Insomnia or poor quality sleep result in chronic somnolence, lack of motivation, impaired concentration and greater irritability. That is why it is so important to choose a comfortable mattress for your bed. One that will provide you with the comfort of sleeping, and thus contribute to the long term improvement of the quality of your life! Also check out our offer of mattresses for allergy sufferers that allow a healthy and safe sleep. Thanks to the advanced search engine in the SIBLO online store, we will help you find a mattress ideally suited to your needs!

How to pick the right mattress in three steps

First of all, think about what your spine needs. The most important thing is to adjust your mattress to your weight and body shape. Hard mattresses are especially recommended for heavier people who do not want to give up hard support. However, they are not recommended for people with spine and cardiovascular conditions. Soft mattresses are much more often chosen by lighter people who value the effect of sinking into the mattress while sleeping. These types of mattresses include: latex, foam, thermoelastic and highly elastic mattresses. They perfectly match the naturally occurring curvatures of the spine thanks to which they keep the back in a horizontal line throughout the night. H2 is a universal hardness recommended for users weighing from 60 to 80 kg, while H3 is dedicated to people weighing 80 to 100kg.

Another thing is to choose the right material from which the mattress is made. If you are allergic, it is better to avoid mattresses made from natural materials, as they create the perfect climate for growth of mites, fungi and molds. The exceptions are: cotton and natural latex. Coconut mattresses are perfect for people who prefer sleeping on a hard surface. They are very popular with parents due to the fact that coconut fibers do not absorb water, which limits the growth of bacteria. Coconut mattresses are natural and ecological.

The third important factor is choosing the right size of mattress to fit your bed. In the SIBLO online store you will find mattresses for both children’s beds and those in the standard size for adults 140x200. Also remember that the mattress should be at least 20 cm longer than the user. This will guarantee a comfortable sleep! On our website you will easily find a 90x200 foam mattress with H3 hardness in your budget! We have foam mattresses in all sizes!

The mattresses that you can find in our offer are made of the highest quality materials. Highly elastic foam provides support for the whole body and adequate air circulation. Highly elastic foam mattresses are characterised by resilience and, as the name suggests- high flexibility. It is an extremely durable material that quickly returns to its original shape immediately after relieving the load. Highly elastic mattresses are slightly stifferened, so that your body will not collapse too deep. In addition, the thermoelastic foam perfectly adapts to the shape of the body under the influence of heat, which provides the effect of a gentle pleasant wrap. Thermoelastic mattresses reduce general tension and do not block blood circulation, thanks to which they reduce or completely eliminate back pain.

Which mattress to pick for an allergy sufferer? A latex mattress!

If you are looking for an allergy-free mattress, check out our latex mattress offer. Latex foam is a great solution for allergy sufferers due to its sterile properties. Latex does not accumulate dust, epidermis or sweat. Thanks to its porous and ‘breathable’ surface dust mites do not develop in it. Latex foam is a hypoallergenic material used in the production of mattresses. It is durable and adapts perfectly to the body.

SIBLO mattresses are additionally equipped with an anti-allergic cover which ensures adequate ventilation and proper airflow in the mattress. The cover is resistant to dirt and protects the mattress from contamination. Thanks to the sewn in zipper, refreshing the material is extremely easy. You can even wash it at 60 degrees Celsius!

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