Is your child’s room full of toys and various accessories? Is there no space to store any more? At SIBLO, we offer spacious boxes for toys that will help you to organize your toddler’s room. Stylish wooden boxes will be perfect for teaching your child how to tidy in their room. Through play, the child will acquire practical skills and learn independence.
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Chests for the children’s room

Chests in the SIBLO online store are extremely functional. A comfortable, solidly made trunk can stand anywhere in your home. It is perfect for a child’s room, office and hall. High-quality solid wood or MDF board ensures the durability of the structure and protects it against scratches and damage. The materials used for the production of the box are resistant to dirt and moisture. The paints on them are hypo-alercenic and meet all European standards. The container is very easy to open. It has a special opening system that slows down the closing of the lid. Therefore, the product is safe even for young children. A carefully crafted box will encourage your child to keep their room tidy. For the little ones, we recommend chests equipped with charming circles and a string. The ability to freely move the chests to any corner of the room will make the child enjoy cleaning up even more. Thanks to the beech plywood wheels secured with a rubber tire, you don't have to worry about your floor. It will be protected against scratching. Our practical models will guarantee the youngest users a lot of fun. Additionally, they are available in several colourways.

Functional chests for the living room and hall

We especially recommend chests with a comfortable upholstered seat. Not only will they accommodate a lot of toys inside, they will also serve as a bench for the young ones. You can put such a box next to the coffee table and create a creative space for your child in the living room with success. Your little one will have a lot of fun under your watchful eye! You can also decorate the white boxes with elegant pillows yourself. Universal design makes the trunk will match any interior arrangement. It will look great in Scandinavian style rooms. The oblong chest will be perfect in the hall as a shoe cabinet or in your bedroom as a storage room with bedding. You can arrange it so that the elegant style of wooden furniture attracts the attention of every visitor to your apartment.

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