Containers are an exceptionally functional proposition for the office and home. Solid, small furniture looks modern and great in any space. They make it easier to maintain order in the workplace and organise personal belongings. The use of good quality materials protects whatever we put inside them.
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Functional furniture in a modern style

Containers are comfortable small pieces of furniture that you can hide under your desk or put next to the bed in the bedroom. Their role is simple- they are spacious and can accommodate any necessary documents and accessories for work. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive to the eye. At SIBLO you will find fashionable solutions that will allow you to arrange the space of your room or office as well as improve the visual appearance of the interior! Modern containers in various colour variants will be a good choice. Certainly, such carefully made pieces of furniture in a burgundy or dark green shade will attract the attention of every visitor to the room.

Containers for the office

Containers for the office are also secured with a cylindrical central lock with two ‘broken’ keys which will additionally protect the most important documents with your personal data. This solution will provide office workers with the ability to safely leave their equipment at work, without fear that someone will have access to sensitive information. Reliable workmanship and the use of the best, hard materials in production guarantee years of use! The possibility of choosing a container with wheels is an additional advantage. Thanks to this, the furniture will be mobile and easy to transport.

Containers for the bedroom

On the other hand, elegant, minimalist furniture can be successfully used as a bedside table. Scandinavian style containers are made from high quality laminated board with slender wooden pine legs. You can choose a container with universal doors or pull-out drawers. When assembling the door you decide how it can open. The practical table top is perfect for placing your favourite book, alarm clock or laptop on it. This extremely roomy piece of furniture can also be used in your childs room. The container can accommodate all textbooks and notebooks, and the drawer with a built-in organiser can store a pencil case and other accessories.

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