We are parents ourselves, so we know how to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby. Put your trust in us and check out which baby beds and cradles we recommend to you. Create a unique arrangement for a children's room with us.
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Functional, beautiful furniture for children

Are you expecting a new permanent tenant in your home soon? A tiny crib is the first piece of furniture in which a newborn baby spends most of its time. Comfortable sleep is essential for his health and proper development. In order for your baby to sleep peacefully, choose the best quality cradle or bed for him. At SIBLO, we offer solutions that will accompany your child for much longer than the first several months of life. Thanks to this, you will not only save money but also the time you spend looking for new furniture. Every parent is well aware of how few hours a day has, so it is worth spending them resting with loved ones. There is also another advantage of functional children's furniture, as the baby grows up, it will not have to get used to the new bed. Accustomed to what it has always known, it will feel comfortable and safe.

So what do we propose? First of all, the adjustable, three-stage height of the cradle’s frame, which can be adjusted to the child's age as well as removable frames with rungs, thanks to which you can gradually get your child used to getting in and out of bed on their own. Over time, you can transform the cradle into a small couch for a preschooler or a comfortable sofa for children up to 9/10 years of age! The extendable cots can be rebuilt into a bed with a 160 cm long mattress. The disassembled elements can be used to create a functional desk, at which the child will learn to write and develop his artistic skills. High-quality materials used in production, resistant to abrasion and damage, and easy to keep clean, guarantee satisfactory use for many years! A damp, soft cloth is enough to wipe the borders.

Design tailored to the current needs of the child

The House baby cot is a beautiful piece of furniture in a Scandinavian style. The wooden frame can be arranged in any way. On high frames, you can attach lights, flashing carousels, plush pendants or sensory garlands that will create a warm, soothing atmosphere in a child's room. There are many possibilities, and any colour will suit solid wood. However, if you prefer more elegant solutions, choosing a white classic baby cot will be the right decision. Decorative elements, such as beautiful, decorative cutters, elegant headboards and hand-made porcelain handles will surely delight you. The headrests are also available in grey and pink. You can remove the front frame completely or use the low barrier option.

If you need a crib that is easy to transport, it's best to choose a baby cradle. You can put it anywhere in the apartment, at your desk during the day and in your bedroom at night. Light construction allows for comfortable movement, and rocking helps the baby to fall asleep faster and deeper sleep. You can take the cradle to your grandparents for Christmas or put it in a summer house during the holiday period.

Cots made of healthy and safe materials

Cradles, which you can find in the SIBLO online store, comply with European standards, have safety certificates, and their design ensures maximum protection. Each edge is carefully polished and rounded, and the paints that protect the frame are anti-allergic and ecological. For the youngest, we suggest buying a changing table, which you can easily mount on the cot. Models with drawers and even a cupboard with a shelf and a clothes rail will make it easier for young parents to change their baby. A spacious drawer under the cot's frame will accommodate children's bedding and accessories. It is equipped with silent guides with a self-closing system, thanks to which its closing sound will not disturb the child's sleep.

Which mattress is suitable for a baby crib?

You will choose the right mattress for each crib. When making purchases, our configurator will suggest the best possible solution. At SIBLO you can buy two-piece foam-coconut or latex-coconut mattresses, which guarantee adequate elasticity and are watertight. A coconut-only mattress may turn out to be too hard and uncomfortable, and its flexibility may be insufficient. However, in combination with foam or latex, they create the perfect, healthy, anti-allergic bedding. The best mattresses for babies are medium-hard mattresses, which allow the child to lie symmetrically and force him to exercise the stability of the torso and tummy. On such a surface, a toddler can make a half-stand or push off, and his handles do not sink into the ground. It is best to choose airy mattresses made of highly elastic foam or latex mattresses.

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