Gaming desks

Gaming desks are one of the most ergonomic pieces of furniture. The technology used in their making guarantees great comfort of use and will work for gamers of all ages and experience levels. Its unique construction and functional table-top which will fit any necessary gadgets will guarantee comfort even after hours spent in front of the screen.
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Spacious desks for gamers and daily use

Gaming desks are characterised by careful workmanship and attention to every detail. They are designed to accommodate technologically advanced gaming equipment and provide the player with maximum comfort. The large table top will accommodate two monitors, speakers, a mat with a keyboard and mouse, a game console, headphones, a microphone, a camera and other necessary accessories. The ergonomic shape of the table top with functional cutouts and rounded corners and the lack of cabinets and additional shelves makes it easy to move around on a large and comfortable gaming chair without restrictions. Cable grommets will allow you to organise your cables and other less decorative elements of the computer. Some models are additionally equipped with sockets with USB ports for connecting the audio, microphone, cable glands or have the possibility of mounting the charger under the table.

Gaming desk with LED lighting

In our online store SIBLO you can also find a gaming desk with the Bias indirect lighting system that enriches the grey and black on the screen, making the details of the graphics more visible. Bias technology increases the contrast of the image on the screen but most of all reduces eye strain in dark rooms which greatly improves your comfort. The LED lighting mounted on the edges in the back frame of the gaming desk can be controlled by a remote control.

Which is the best gaming desk?

For gaming to give the greatest satisfaction it is necessary to maintain a healthy ergonomic position when sitting, the possibility of adjusting our desks makes it easier to adjust the furniture to the individual preferences of the player. This special table will be complemented by a comfortable gaming chair, which will ensure comfort of use and maintain a straight spine. A comfortable headrest and functional armrest are indispensable when sitting at the computer for many hours! The gaming desk and chair will prove useful not only for gamers but also for anyone who appreciates health and spends a significant part of their day in front of the monitor. The design and classic black and white colours make the SIBLO models look extremely aesthetic and universal at the same time. The laminated board worktops are durable, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. The method of powder coating guarantees the durability of the furniture, it is resistant to moisture and other external factors.

Gaming desks and wood

For people who value modern design, an e-sport desk with wooden, oak legs may turn out to be a perfect solution! A white Scandinavian style countertop, illuminated with LED lights will create a cozy atmosphere in your room. If you are looking for a desk with cabinets we suggest buying a functional container, whose smooth varnished surface will now certainly match your new piece of furniture.

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