The table is a unique piece of furniture that can be the heart of the kitchen, dining room and even the living room. Depending on the layout of the apartment, you will put it in a place that suits you best. In the SIBLO online store, you will find tables in every shape and size! Choose a table suited to the needs of all household members. A perfectly selected table will be not only stylish but also functional and durable.
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Family, solid tables

A large table is the dream of anyone who likes a family atmosphere and Sunday dinners with their loved ones. A wooden table will decorate your dining room, giving a feeling of freshness and naturalness and creating a warm, homely atmosphere. You can choose the type of wood and its shade. At SIBLO we have tables in the colours of, among others, light beech, classic oak and dark walnut with visible grain. All furniture is properly oiled, which makes the wood nice and pleasant to the touch. The lamella protects and protects the furniture against dirt and allows it to be kept in good condition. Extendable tables are a very practical solution, which, when unfolded, can accommodate a significant number of people. They take up less space daily, which works well in smaller spaces. An interesting idea is also the so-called A bench-table that fits best in the living room. During the day, it will act as a coffee table, and after the arrival of guests, it can be raised to 13 cm and enlarged by another 40! Folding tables can be adjusted in several steps, thanks to several inserts they can be extended, for example, only by 30 cm, or even by a whole meter! It is extremely functional, isn’t it? Even from a small, at first glance, round table, you can create a rectangular piece of furniture that can comfortably eat dinner for up to 10 people!

Modern, multifunctional tables

A glass table will be a good choice if we want to let more light into the room. In combination with mirrors in the room, it will visually enlarge the space. The glass surface is also easy to clean and is so attractive to the eye that it does not need an additional tablecloth. In the SIBLO online store, you can also buy a tabletop made of black or white lacobel, i.e. a glass panel varnished in a uniform colour. Such a table with a glossy or matte surface is an extremely modern piece of furniture. Perfect as an elegant dining table, as well as a piece of furniture for work. Just like light tables with a metal structure, available in a neutral or coloured version, which is perfect for loft, modern rooms.

How much is the table?

The prices of tables vary, depending mainly on their size and the material from which they are made. The most expensive furniture is made of solid wood with complex mechanisms. However, in the SIBLO online store, you can buy a wooden table for a satisfactory amount. Don't forget to choose stylish chairs for the table! In particular, we recommend upholstered, extremely comfortable seats, which will look beautiful at your new table.

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