Are you looking for an open bookcase in a vintage style for your favourite books? Or maybe you are interested in a built-in wooden piece of furniture in which you can keep winter accessories? In Siblo you will surely find something for yourself! Our offer includes the most fashionable models this season.
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A multifunctional bookstand for the living room

A bookstand is a piece of furniture that will look great in your living room, office and even in the bedroom. In the SIBLO online store you will find both small and really tall bookcases which will accommodate everything you need. Open shelves will perfectly display your favourite books or collections of vinyl records. You can arrange the most valuable titles on the shelves, and the neat piece of furniture will fit perfectly near a couch. For music lovers, we offer a shelf for vinyl records. Its unique design is perfect for storing large packages with vinyl records. Thanks to specially separated spaces you can easily display your collection.

If you are looking for practical solutions, check out our offer for double-sided racks. This piece is perfect for large rooms where we want to separate the dining room and the lounge area. In the bedroom, they will help you separate the work area from the large bed, thanks to which you will be able to separate the work and rest space. You can put boxes or organisers with any content on a two-sided rack. In this way you will not only gain additional space but also easily divide your rooms. Isn’t that a fantastic idea?

Wooden bookshelves in a retro design

A functional bookcase will be perfect for a child’s or teenager’s room. You can easily fit books, albums, notebooks or toys. A suitable piece of furniture will facilitate the organisation of the child’s room. If you do not have enough space for clothes, choose a built-in bookcase. You can put such a piece of furniture into any room. A bookcase with drawers will also work well in the hall. You can easily place caps, scarves and your favourite hats in it. In the bedroom or dressing room clothes can be put in a bookcase with open shelves. You can use the bookcase as you wish! We only suggest which solutions are the most popular.

So which one will you choose? Siblo’s bestsellers are definitely classics, in the Scandinavian style. Bookcases from the Frisk collection will attract the attention of anyone who appreciates style and natural materials. This piece is made from plywood, made very aesthetically and carefully. Minimalistic design with a retro twist. Curves and thin shapes add lightness to the structure. Wooden shelves are available in a modular convention. On a ladder-shaped bookcase, you can display your treasures and complete the arrangement with a potted flower. A bookcase with drawers is the best solution for storing documents or clothes. You can put a functional bookcase in any room in your home. The wooden structure will be perfect as a bookcase for your office. In turn, a small bookcase can decorate your hall, providing a fashionable space for storing shoes.

Not only practical but also safe!

The racks in the Siblo online store are characterised by careful workmanship and the use of the highest quality materials. The materials used are safe. They meet all safety standards and are created in an environmentally friendly manner. They are also recommended for children’s and teenagers’ rooms. You can store both toys and food in them. Thanks to this, the shelves will also work well in the kitchen, dining room and pantry. For the most demanding clients we recommend grey shelves made from high quality MDF board and high quality laminated board. They are resistant to moisture and damage and are easy to clean.

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