Children's beds

Parents choose furniture for a children's room with extreme care and attention to the smallest details. They are looking for models that are not only aesthetic but above all safe. We make sure that all our products provide children with the best, carefree use.
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The most comfortable beds for children

First of all, we focus on comfort and peace! For the youngest children, we offer beds with interesting security features in the form of a protective fence. Not only is the design attractive for a small user, but it also ensures its safety. You can choose soft pads in various colours for the rails. We also made sure that all surfaces and sharp edges in our furniture were thoroughly polished. The materials used in the production of furniture are attested and certified. They are safe for allergy sufferers and environmentally friendly. You can choose the size of the bed in our online store as quickly as the material of the frame and the colour of the furniture. With us, you will create your child's dream room. We assure you that every girl and boy will find something interesting for themselves here! For siblings of different sexes, we recommend furniture in natural colours. For the youngest, there are available children's beds in original shapes, created in the spirit of Montessori. Many children dream of a bunk bed because they have something incredibly attractive about them, maybe they are associated with a fairy-tale adventure? The mezzanine is a great solution for smaller rooms. You can put a children's desk and a wardrobe under the bed, or create a toy corner. If you are looking for bunk beds for girls or single beds with an extra bed, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

A place for creative fun

House beds for children are a fantastic solution for the youngest users. You can arrange the house bed with your child in any way you like. This is a place that will stimulate your child's imagination and guarantee him great fun, in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. During the day, the bed frame can be used as a playground or an irreplaceable base. I think each of us remembers this game. It is enough to hang the canvas, hang decorative lamps and be sure to collect all pillows from the apartment. Voilla! The base is ready. You can collect your favourite toys and read comics. At night, a comfortable mattress will guarantee a pleasant and safe sleep. SIBLO beds are made of the highest quality materials and covered with ecological, anti-allergic paints. The low position of the frame and rounded corners allow the use of a single bed also for the youngest children. You can attach a railing to the bed on either side and disassemble it when it is no longer needed. If you need extra space, you can also choose a bed model with a pullable, large drawer that will serve as storage for toys or bedding, or an additional sleeping mattress. A retractable bed is so easy to use that the little ones can handle it without your help!

Bunk beds for children

For fans of bunk beds, we have models inspired by treehouses as well as countryhouses. You can personalize them according to the wishes of the youngest members of the household. What can you change?

  • length of the bed;
  • the colour of the roof, windows and steps to suit boys or girls more;
  • positioning the ladder (it can be vertical or inclined, at the front or side, on the right or left) - thanks to this you can place the bed anywhere in the room;
  • you can also choose a single or double drawer – easily pullable.

There are also bunk beds in a universal shape, in a classic style, available in solid wood; white or black colours of the frame. You can adjust modern beds to any room arrangement. Bunk beds with an additional bed are even more functional, after sliding out the bottom drawer they create an additional sleeping space. This is the perfect solution for three siblings or children who like to have guests!

Beds for a teenager's room

For older children, we offer metal beds, with a slightly austere nature that will surely appeal to adolescents. Metal construction, not only has a high headrest but is available in several colour variants; the champagne shade will attract the attention of every young adult! Remember that you can choose a comfortable mattress for your bed in the SIBLO online store. In our configurator, we recommend the best and healthiest types of mattresses, already matched to the bed frame.

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