Sport accesories

Sports activity with children is a great form of spending family time. Our sports ladders are a great proposition for the whole family. Sports ladders in the children’s room will provide developmental entertainment, and at the same time motivate you and your children to exercise. Let sports into your home today!
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A great place to play and relax in your home

Do your kids have a lot of energy and can’t sit still? Would they still like to be outside, even late in the evening? We have the perfect solution for you! The sports ladder will allow you to create a small, private playground in your apartment. It takes up little space, and a large number of sports accessories allows you to create various variants of exercise. The variety of configurations means that one ladder can perform several functions. It all depends on your imagination! At the ladder, your child can learn to dance or do acrobatics. You can compose a sports ladder according to your toddler’s needs. You can do it in our configurator, selecting the options that interest you. You can construct a piece of furniture tailored to your needs. The ladders can also be used by adults, the bar’s load capacity is 150kg. So you can safely exercise with your child.

Individually selected sports accessories

You can easily choose accessories according to your needs for the ladder. The ladders are made from high quality natural beech wood. You can choose their careful, solid profiles, so that they match the arrangement of your room. Wooden finishes will create a pleasant, safe atmosphere in your child’s room or home office. Metal, black frames will match any interior. You can also choose white elements that beautifully complement a bright room and will perfectly match a bright desk. Eight wooden rungs have been carefully polished and scored for the youngest users. You can choose an exercise bar for the ladder. By placing it on the lowest rungs, you will create a desk. You will create a space for your child to work and study, where they can do their homework or draw. The cover can be easily removed and stored in the upper part of the ladder. The bar located above will be used for pull-ups. It can also be fitted with gymnastics accessories or a thick rope with a swing. This idea will especially appeal to the youngest users. At SIBLO, you can easily create a space home playground right next to your bed! For the ladder you can buy a dip rail, i.e. Swedish push-ups. It is a very popular element of outdoor gyms that will allow the muscles of the chest to work. You can also choose an exercise bench, which will certainly also work as a slide for your favourite toy cars. Under the ladder there will be a place for a mattress, which will be an additional protection during acrobatics.

The ladders have been made with great care, its small dimensions make it easy to fit into any room. It is easy to assemble by yourself. Later rearrangement of the accessories on the ladder rungs is equally easy. The universal design fits any interior design, regardless of the size. The product meets European safety standards PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 for gymnastics equipment. A perfectly composed sports ladder will bring your child great joy!

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