Dressing tables

The word toilette describes beauty activities such as styling hair and applying make-up. However, the dressing table can also be successfully used as a stylish desk or simply a decoration of our bedroom. There are traditional models with classic shapes on the market, as well as those with a geometric structure, perfect for modern interiors.
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The history of this female piece of furniture

The dressing table is an extremely beautiful piece of furniture that we associate with femininity and grace but also with the attribute of wealth. The dressing table is made up of drawers, mirrors and surfaces that complement the home beauty zone. The furniture is usually matched with a comfortable stool or an upholstered chair, of course in the style of the arrangement. In French, the word toile, means a cloth that covered a piece of furniture at the beginning of its existence, creating a safe boudoir. Despite the fact that in our culture, the dressing table is a feminine attribute, the furniture gained its popularity in the 18th century thanks to a man, and more precisely a British aristocrat. George Bryana Brummel, arbiter or male elegance and a friend of King George IV, introduced a dressing table to the court interiors. Legend has it that he paid such attention to care and hygiene that everyday preparation for going out took several hours. For such procedures, he needed a functional piece of furniture that could accommodate razors, combs and toothbrushes. Some dressing tables had a special drawer that was filled with water from the cistern. It was used to wash your face and brush your teeth.

A modern dressing table for the bedroom and living room

Dressing tables used to decorate only bedrooms, now they are also used in living rooms, when they can discreetly fulfill many other tasks. In addition to the narrow, long desktop and drawers that will accommodate feminine accessories, the mirror is the most important attribute of the dressing table. However, it did not appear in the first models of the furniture, in fact, it became popular only in later times. Initially, the mirror was most often hidden in a raised table top. To this day this solution is used by designers. In SIBLO you will find dressing tables with an extendable mirror, thanks to which the folded furniture turns into a functional work desk. With such a practical piece of furniture you will prepare for an evening out, as well as catch up on work or take part in an online meeting.

If you like the models without a mirror, you can choose a model without one. You will gain more space and self-selected glass which will make your dressing table one of a kind! You can create a boudoir tailored to the stars of the 20th century by choosing the lighting or choose a white dressing table with a mirror in a French, Provencal atmosphere.

Our bestsellers are however, the wooden dressing tables, their universal look fits perfectly into any interior. They will find their application both in Scandinavian or modern interiors, as well as in cozy retro inspired rooms. For art deco lovers we offer solid wood dressing tables in a mahogany shade. A dressing table with metal legs will work for industrial arrangements. There is plenty of space in the compartments and drawers for storing cosmetics and jewelry. You will certainly fit all the necessary accessories in them.

The perfect dressing table and desk

A stylish dressing table is a dream of many teenagers. Every woman wants to have her own beauty zone. A carefully selected mirror, glass bottles or perfume arranged on the table top. Next to it, an organizer with compartments for brushes and powders. On the other side of the mirror there will be a jewelry box, and in the drawer there will be a place for makeup pallets. There is a container for brushes and hair accessories under the table top. Sounds wonderful right?! Or maybe you prefer something more practical? Withe extra space for taking notes or typing on a laptop? And it must be in white? Hm… But should we choose a mirror for a white dressing table? There are many options available. What dressing table will be the perfect one? The answer is simple- just as you dream about it! A comfortable chair or stylish armchair will complement your new furniture.

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