We know that choosing the wardrobe can turn out to be quite a challenge. Especially if your apartment is small and every centimeter is very valuable. At SIBLO you will find the most practical and stylish solutions, for both the bedroom, corridor or your child’s room.
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How to pick the perfect wardrobe?

The perfect wardrobe must first of all be functional. Even minimalists have a lot of things that need to be stored. Clothes, underwear, winter clothes, shoes, towels, bedding and everything else. Therefore, first of all, think about what you want to put in the wardrobe, how much space you need for these items and how you plan to store them. Will it be clothes to hang or rather complex blouses and pants? Then determine the free space in the apartment. In other words, decide where you want to put the piece of furniture. A wardrobe can be used in almost any room such as the bedroom, corridor or the child’s room. It is also quite a large piece, so its aesthetic value is also important. Our confirutator will help you find the perfect wardrobe in which you can choose the number of shelves, drawers and its colour. We invite you to our website to have a look.

Modern wardrobes for the bedroom

A bedroom wardrobe is a very good idea. The bedroom is an intimate space where we often change clothes and get ready to go out, so it is worth having clothes on hand. At SIBLO you can choose a three-door wardrobe even if a few household members will organise their wardrobe. You can choose the arrangement of the shelves, drawers and the height of the bars depending on your preference. Individual fit is extremely important after all, long dresses and cardigans require completely different storage then shirts and jackets. If on the other hand you do not need many shelves it is better to opt for smaller drawers for linens or larger compartments for blankets.

A large wardrobe with or without a mirror will surely be used in your apartment! You can decide on a two-door piece that opens in a charming, tilt way or in a modern, sliding door thanks to which you can save space. If you love retro style, you will love our white wardrobes on high legs, decorated with a geometric or botanical cutter. Such an elegant, charming piece of furniture will also perfectly fit into the delicate style of a child’s room. For smaller rooms, we offer functional solutions such as corner wardrobes.

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