Choosing the right lamps for your home is a challenge. In addition to stylish design, you need to pay attention to the quality and placement of the lighting. It is the light that builds the atmosphere of your room. At SIBLO you will find a stylish model that will be healthy for your eyes and will help you create a unique arrangement.
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What lamp to pick for the living room?

Lighting is an extremely important element of your apartment or house equipment. There is a reason why architects more and more often decide to cooperate with lighting designers. Consciously designed lighting has a significant impact on our well-being in our own home. Properly selected lamps ensure comfortable work at your desk. Bright lighting in the bathroom helps us to get ready in the evening. On the other hand, well planned lighting in the bedroom allows us to maintain your sleep pattern. Light is fundamental even when watching a movie. It affects the quality of the image and the condition of our eyes. In the living room, energy should allow you to relax easily. It is best that during the day the lighting should be as close to daylight as possible. However, after dark, it should be scattered and come out from behind the TV. Thanks to this, the details of the graphics will become clearer and simply prettier. Indirect light also reduces eye strain in dark rooms and increases your sense of comfort. That is why we offer you decorative LED wall lamps, industrial spotlights in metal frames or modern, minimalist wall lamps. They will build the right atmosphere during the evening session, and most importantly, they will be safe for your eyesight. This type of lighting will work great on a wall with a TV set. For the ceiling we recommend chandeliers or decorative hanging lamps at low prices. They will fashionably change the arrangement of your interior and attract the attention of every guest.

What lighting is the healthiest for your eyes?

It is our body that naturally tells us what lighting will be the most appropriate. Research proves that natural sunlight is the healthiest for our eyes. You do not strain your eyes with it, unnecessarily hurt your eyes and eventually suffer from headache. Daylight allows for the regeneration of tired conjunctiva, which is why it is so important that the rooms we spend lots of time in are properly lit. A pleasant warm colour reminiscent of late afternoon sunlight, is most suitable for the living room and bedroom. Floor lamps are a great form of lighting to which a bulb with a value of 3000K can be mounted. Thanks to the lampshades available in golden, beige and brown colours, we create a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The elegant design of the lamps will add style and elegance to your room. For an office or home, lighting with a value of 6000K will be the most appropriate. The cold colour perfectly stimulates our brain to be active and will increase the effectiveness of our actions. A desk lamp equipped with such a bulb will stimulate you to work, and its aesthetic values will improve the comfort of use. In the SIBLO online store you will find charming table lamps whose designs resemble atmospheric restaurants. For fans of modern solutions, we offer industrial lighting. Rustic shapes will perfectly complement your wooden, solid desk.

It is best to choose natural white lighting for the kitchen and bathroom. Modern wall lamps above the mirror will help you take care of a pleasant morning and improve the comfort of your daily routine. In the kitchen, downlight lamps will allow you to prepare meals quickly and safely, even on a dark, cloudy day. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in front of the house or in the loggia, consider installing outdoor lamps. They are adapted to the facade. It uses LED diodes- the best energy-saving solution on the market! Outdoor lamps are extremely resistant and durable. Therefore, they can be used even in places exposed to moisture and dust.

Lack of good lighting adversely affects our quality of life. Properly selected lamps will highlight the charm of your apartment and emphasize its advantages. When planning the purchase of lamps, take into account the place to be illuminated and choose the type that will best suit its role!

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